Leaf Blowers – Electric and Battery

Leaf Blowers Make Cleaning Up A Breeze

Corded Electric Blowers

Battery Powered Blowers

Simple. Easy. Quiet.

Of course leaf blowers are a powerful tool in growing a garden and help reduce the workload.   They reach places where a broom can't and clean the area faster than sweeping could.  A comfortable easy tool to hold and operate, leaf blowers make gardening a breeze, not to mention a joy.

You can use leaf blowers to: 

  • Remove and Gather Leaves Into a Pile

  • Vacuum and Shred Leaves

  • Blow Off Grass Clippings From Sidewalks and Patios

  • Clean Parking Lots and Driveways

  • Tidy Up The Shop and Equipment After Use

  • Blow Off Light or Fluffy Snow

In short, simplicity.  That's because electric and battery powered blowers are simple and easy to use.  Not to mention no need for mixed gas, blocked carburetors and of the other mess that goes along with gas equipment.  As a result you will enjoy many hours of operating these leaf blowers.  Work without the concerns that go along with gas powered blowers.  Also, the noise from an electric or battery powered leaf blower is less than what a 2 stroke gas engine produces.   Most of all they are light and easy to operate.  Cobwebs and dust bunnies don't stand a chance against these mighty leaf blowers.  Keep your shop and garden neat and tidy.

In addition to the lighter electric engine that drives the blower; there is no extra fuel on board.  Comparatively extra fuel is an added expense and without the need for fuel you will save more money on the whole.


In conclusion, electric and battery blowers are environmentally friendly, emission free, almost zero maintenance and as a result are fun to use .

All you need to do now is pick the leaf blower that best suites you.