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Lawn Mowers Electric Battery

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Light Weight. Strong. Dependable. Reliable.

Lawn Mowers.  What comes to mind when you think of cutting the grass?

A heavy, loud and obnoxious machine that requires blood sweat and tears to make it happen?

In the spring the heavy steel deck lawn mower rolls out of hiding and into the light after a long winter in the back of the shed.  Consequently, it needs to be dusted off, old gas removed and replaced, carburetor cleaned and tuned and if your lucky the pull cord won't need to be replaced until next year.  As a result, the lawn season starts off behind the 8-Ball. 

Start Mowing Your Lawn On A Success

Electric and battery lawn mowers are starting on a success.  As a matter of fact, these mowers are so light weight, powerful and easy to use that you might just forget that your actually working.  

I have spent many years walking behind gas engines cutting thousands of lawns in my lifetime.  In that time, I have been subjected to more toxic chemicals that I really care to acknowledge.  My constant companion is the monotonous roar of the commercial gas engines.  As  a result my hearing has suffered from the incessant noise and I have become tired from operating such heavy machines.  Not to mention the long term affects of breathing lawn mower exhaust for all these year.

In my opinion, the lawn is typically the largest plant area in your yard.  To most, mowing  it is a dreaded chore that needs to be done every week or 10 days.  All things considered using a Push Reel Mower, Electric or Battery Powered lawn mower, you will find this duty can be an enjoyable task.  As a matter of fact, cutting the grass will be something you can do to escape from it all, get out of the house and enjoy sunshine.

Electric and Battery Lawn Mowers Are Quiet And Powerful

  • Light weight makes these perfect for any fitness level

  • Easy to maneuver through your lawn

  • Turning Is Easier 

  • Quiet - Hear What Goes On Around You While In The Yard

  • Lift into your car and transport with ease

In conclusion, a growing lawn needs regular mowing to ensure the optimal health of the grass.  Above all, these Electric and Battery Powered Lawn Mowers  will get the job done and look great while doing it!