Insect Habitat Inviting Beneficial Bugs

Insect Habitat

Insect Habitat

There are many beneficial insects that creep and crawl through our gardens.  Inviting them in and providing them with a place to stay is a great way to keep your garden optimal health.  Creating an insect habitat is an easy build and will become home to a wide number of insects that will help your garden grow.

This is the perfect recycling project that every yard should have.  Your little friends that call your insect habitat home, will spend their days crawling over all your flowers and pollinate your veggies.

insect habitat

(Image Source: 1001 Gardens)

One of the easiest DIY builds is by stacking pallets and filling them with materials to attract the different spiders, beetles and other creepy crawly's.   Use dry leaf's stuffed between the pallet layers in one pocket, and line sticks and larger debris in another.  Planting drought resistant grasses and flowers will entice creatures into your insect habitat.

insect habitat

(Image Source: Nifty Homestead)

Insect Habitats have been known to beneficial insects like solitary bees.  Bees who choose to live alone, rather than in a hive, and are just as important to pollinate the flowers as honey and bumble bees.

You may also attract amphibians to your insect habitat.

insect habitat

(Image Source: Nifty Homestead)

Insect habitats can be any size that is right for you.  If you have only a small corner to dedicate to insects, use things like cinder bricks and of you have a large space let your imagination run wild!

Insect Habitat

(Image and Video Source: Permaculture News

You will enjoy building your Insect Habitat.

What better way to spend the day than recycling otherwise unwanted materials and turning them into something that will bring you joy for years to come,

Get creative when building your insect habitat.  Your imagination is the limit and only you can build the perfect habitat for your insect friends.




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